The City of Guilds.

Lord Garil Dustmaker (deceased 648 AR)
Regent Codin Firehand (deceased 649 AR)

Lady Jonill Dustmaker(Missing 649 AR)

The City is now ruled by a temporary assemblage of Nobles until the coronation ceremony of the Lady Jonill on her 18th birthday, after which there must be a ruler of the city, per its laws.

Lords of minor House Dustmaker
Leiges to major house Stonestorm
Beholden to Ruling House Hammerfall.

The City of Hilea is on the outer edge of Tyrandall, along the border of what once was the great country of Kilbar. Once a trading town of Eladrin, Kilbarans and Tyndarians, the city has suffered greatly in the last 10 years. With the Eladrin of Levisha pulling out of the world, and with Kilbar destroyed, the town’s position as center of trade in the region has faded drastically.
Now the home to over a dozen thieves’ guilds, and the cities ruler missing, the once important town has become a den of deceit. The nobles hold onto their once great power any way that they can, and some of them are rumored to have sided with the lawless bands of theives.
Inside the City; Eladrin, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and Humans mingle among the bazaar, still a well known place to get what all you need. However, it also has a reputation as having all the unsavory skills for sale, and your most tasteless desires available night and day, you just have to know your way around.

Shadows and Dust

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