Shadows and Dust

After defeating the underground lizard folk, as they sat and rested, Ihzendria heard a cry, a shallow, barely delivered cry for help, down the Left-most hallway. Of course, that hall lead down further into the depths.

With Ihzendria leading the way, the group shortly came upon, hiding behind a small support pillar, a ragged, pale man. His left leg looked to have been broken at one time, and he favored heavily his right behind the pillar. Ihzendria offered to aid him. Arkh, knowing something of basic first aid, helped out setting and holding the broken bones, which proved uneccesary as he passed out from the pain.

His leg fixed, and the cause of the disaperances figuered out, they made their way, with Arkh carying the ragged refugee, out back into the city. The sunlight on his face brought him to conciousness, he introduced himself as Devish and he insisted on getting a drink before any medical attention.
While At The Drunken Kilter he explained that he had been captured by the foul smelling creatures about 3 months ago. While At the Drunken Kilter Devish explained that he had been captured by the foul smelling creatures about 3 months ago. These creatures kept him and others in cages or pens, and every once in a while, small, hairless, grayskinned, beaky-nosed dwarves would come by and purchase a quantity of the captives. Devish was then escorted to the Temple of Nera to recover by Ihzy and Arkh.

Meanwhile, at Drunken Kilter the rest were talking about how to get ahold of Jamie to let them know that their work was finished. When Arkh returned, he mentioned his good freind Bren may be able to help them. He was across town at Roses, and whece they arrived, Beggi was trying to get over his inability to get meat, and having to server tuber stew infused with beef broth. After a quick talk, Bren sent someone out to let Jamie know they wished to speak to him. He showed up a bit later, and they moved the converstaion downstairs, to the private hall they had down there.

With the explination of what was going on, the Lizard-men stealing people, Jamie hired them one more time to go down there and see what more they can find, see if they cant stop this Menace from Underground. Jamie then left, fully confident in the ability of his new hired hands.

However, a Flesh Puppet showed up, sliding from the shadows. It asked, as the voice of the The Puppet Master for them to see if anyone from Back Alley was there as well. All agreed (even if only by their silence), and rested the evening, waiting for Siamto show up the next morning and lead them within the sewers.

Leland, always looking for a good time, spent most all his free time hitting on Rose, trying to seduce her.


Tionas Tionas

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