Shadows and Dust

The ambush went pretty much as planned. Numer cast web on the front few of the caravan, catching a large Lizard of Burden, the shaman, and a number of the smaller Troglodytes. There they were bound and held immobile while they were torn apart by the group. Both Leland and Bren ran amok, with Arkh going toe to toe with the very angry Lizard of Burden.

The Lizard of Burden took the brunt of the attacks, with Bren landing a crippling shot into the beast’s back-right knee early on, slowing it to a crawl, being tangled in webs, and blocked from proceeding forward by Arkh.

Taking advantage of the web, the fight did not last long. Being both surprised and smaller, Trogs were easy to dispatch.

After observing the wreckage of the battle, with one Lizard of Burden having fled, one cowering in a corner, and one dead, everyone got to releasing the prisoners. well, most everyone.

Arkh started dissecting the Shaman they had slain, looking for glands that he had been requested to find by Dealdru at the Alabaster Bottle. He located two in the abdomen, and two more near the flesh of the neck.

Leland and Bren both worked at getting the prisoners out of the cage of the dead beast. One was severely injured, and one was dead, but the other 4 were just unconscious. The cages they were in, originally looking to be steel, were made of Kimpar Wood, hard as iron, and lashed together with a slick, resilient leather.

Felix woke up in the midst of the battle, strapped into one of the cages. when he finally was taken out of the cage he related his story of trying to get to the Sewer Rat’s black market to sell his sword (which he retained on him), supposedly of an ancient dynasty of Kilbar. He has decided that going forward with the group is more beneficial to him currently, as finding, discovering, and making money off of new things is right up his alley.

With Siam leading the rest of the living, freed prisoners back to the surface, the group trekked forward through the tunnels, following the trail of the fleeing pack-beast, eventually coming to a small marketplace. There, Leland and Bren tried to sneak and and were immediately noticed. Two extremely large Troglodytes made their way towards them, attacking them in the hall at the entrance to the market.


Tionas Tionas

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