Shadows and Dust

Numer joined the group slightly after lunch at Roses. Izzy explained how she intended to handle the situation: like a hammer applied to glass. She wants to wipe them out to a man. They debated the best ideas on how to attack, and a quick, sudden strike was decided to be the best option.

At least, no one objected.

Siam came shortly after Numer arrived and lead them to the forward base that they were instructing. There, Komming, another Sewer Rat, was placing doors on the three-tunneled entry way that Numer had first stumbled upon. He told them that their forward base would be here and that there would be a runner here at all hours. He said they would not wait on the group hand and foot, but if the need arose, the Sewer Rats will pull through.

Numer laughed.

They passed into the tunnels again, moving swiftly. The ground they covered was empty. The only sign of life they encountered was around a corner down the hall-a small Troglodyte ran, and then disappeared into the darkness and light musk. The tunnels were empty.

Shortly after the encounter with the runner, they came across the alchemical Gimmla. The discussion was short. He knew why they were here, and while he couldn’t necessarily approve, he didn’t alert the Troglodyte carrying his gear.

Continuing onward, they came around a corner and almost ran smack into two Troglodytes pushing a cart down a hall. Both groups paused for a moment, shocked at discovering each other. Except Bren. With a smooth voice and without a break in his stride, not caring that they could not understand what he said, he greeted them and walked up the the one closest him. Just a second behind, realizing what was going to happen, Arkh roared and ran forward at the other Troglodyte. Bren, slick as a greased adder, drew his elven knife from his side and in one smooth motion yanked it up and around, plunging it into the neck of the Troglodyte right under the jawbone, killing him instantly. At the same time, Arkh managed to grab the second in an agonizing bear hug, plunging his bladed gauntlet into his heart from his back and also slaying him instantly.

No one else had moved. Arkh realized the danger this possessed to them as an acrid stench started filling the area, and threw one of the glass-and-steel vials that Dealdru had provided him only days earlier, dispersing the scent in a cloud of ammoniated gas.

The cart the Troglodyte were pushing contained a number of 3’ lengths of Kimpar Wood, nothing more.

Quickly they continued down the halls, making for the caverns closest to the gaping maw of the Great Crevasse, hoping to cut the bridges and keep one side from reinforcing the other.

The hallway opened after turning the corner, revealing a grisly scene. A pile of meat, once humans or humanoids, was thrown in the middle of the room. Munching happily on the remains were four lizards. Each one reached about 7’ at the shoulder, had a wide, smooth back, and a long, thick tail. Attached to the tail were six short blades, perhaps from daggers, and on the stomach and throat were lashed lengths of flattened Kimpar Wood. Behind them, two small Troglodytes seemed to rest, with one standing as they entered, concerned with the beasts. One had snapped at the other while eating, and their anger was almost-visible. Neither of the Troglodyte noticed the interlopers.

With a silent accord, the group moved in for the kill. Each of them attacked the Troglodytes and ignored the larger lizards. Arkh waited, prepared to counter attack, but all the power of the rest of the four could not bring down both the Troglodytes, and, as a mustard smell permeated the room, the battle was joined in earnest by the Lizards. One of the Handlers was taken down swiftly, the other took a bit more effort. Then, all that was left was the large lizards, and though they were durable, each beast was eventually felled.


Tionas Kasa

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