Shadows and Dust

They met Siam in the morning, and he lead them, stammering and stumbling whenever Numer talked to him, back to the caverns that the Lizard people were in. He talks as he walks, how they have been having people disappear for a while now, but it only recently became an almost epidemic.

After arriving at the Tunnels, they take the far left, deep-turning tunnel, where they found Devish. This leads them down deep and deeper, and eventually, they end up, after following the tracks of some Lizards, to a room on the side of an immense underground crevasse. bridges lead across to many other caves, and there is a decent traffic of Lizard-people. At first the amount of caves seems to indicate a huge dwelling system, but after just a few moments of looking, most of the caves are empty, the bridges in disrepair, and it looks as if the Lizard folk are either in decline, or have taken over someone’s, or something’s old lair.

Numer managed, with his Eladrin eyes, to find a door in the wall, and through that they managed to easily gain entrance to what seems to be caverns that wander aimlessly.

After navigating for a short while, they turned down a winding hall that lead, down to a larger cavern, 1/2 filled with water. within the cavern were a large number of sizable lizards. nearing 6’ in length, and about 4’ at the shoulder. they waded in and around the pool at the back. there was a smaller side passage that looked like it may lead somewhere, and they all slowly walked towards it. Arkh, in a moment of brilliance, took a severed head of a lizard-man obtained in the first ambush, and rubbed it on himself, causing the largest lizard (Crocadillians, as they were referred to by Leland) to accept him as one of them as they walked by.

The room beyond was full of eggs, probably 100 or so. No way out and turning to leave, Leland grabbed an egg, wrapped it in swaddling clothes, and took it with him. Passing through the Crocadillians was easy the second time, and they didn’t even look up.

They continued to walk deep and deeper into the cavern system, noting many different corridors and side passages. then, as they were walking down, they spotted a caravan up ahead : 3 giant Lizard-beasts, with large rectangular cages strapped to their curved, plated backs. Within the cages, built of aged wood and supple leather, were contained some people, humans, elves, and even a dwarf. behind the first beast was a taller Lizard-man, prodding it on, decked out in the same ritualistic garb as the spell-casting one from the previous day’s ambush, and all around were a number of Smaller Lizard-men with spears. No time was wasted planning an ambush.


Tionas Tionas

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