Shadows and Dust

Everyone took a breather. Having dealt with the current problem, everyone wanted to take their time and make sure nothing was broken beyond repair.

Felix noticed a smaller, nimbler troglodyte watching them, and even though he was wounded, took off after it. Everyone else made to move as well, but Numer Beat them to it. Standing and taking a few quick strides, he scorched the little bugger off the planet.

The exploration continued for again after a few moments, and shortly they came across a large, wide room. Inside, peering at them, were a large number of the smaller scouting beasts. After only a moment’s pause, the entire horde of them surged forward.

Though numerous, they were defeated handily and with few wounds suffered, mostly by the exuberant and fervent Izzhy.

The mustard smell of the caverns had become pervasive, wherever they went, now, it smelled no different. They followed Bren, who’d made the suggestion that cutting the bridged to divide the forces would be a sound tactical option and happened to know his way around underground, through varying directional and audio clues.

Traversing the caverns around the outer ring of the Troglodyte’s lair, eventually they were in the audience room, where the large, red Chieftain had taken them. It was empty and smelled intensely of mustard.

Shortly after they ran head long into a patrol, both sides taken aback. The fighting began swiftly. Numer dropped a wall of fog across the center of the room, cutting off the enemy Impalers From the other side. The Impalers rode Lizard Warbeasts, and charging forward, started heaving their javelins all about. Felix was pressed further into the caverns by one of the beasts, and suffered greatly, but this patrol, as the others, was defeated.

A number of other fights broke out as they traversed the nearly empty halls of the caverns. While all were overcome, as the days wore on, they became more and more prepared. It began with rubble barricades, and later, set ambush positions. Now it was the invaders for whom the Trogs were preparing. Most notably, at the last bridge that they destroyed, a set of Lizard Warbeast mounted ballista were awaiting them should they attempt to cross.

Making their way back they came across the Gimmla translator from days ago. He was seated on the old throne of the Troglodyte Chieftain.

The Gimmla, carrying his own unguents now, informed the group that the rest of the Gimmla were waiting on the other side of the chasm, poised to attack the Troglodytes when battle was joined. He also informed them that the majority of the Troglodytes had pulled back across the chasm, and were prepared to receive them. The passage around the tip of the Crevasse would be guarded, he said, but it was the only feasible way through.

Bren, Curious, asked about the bridges to the south, and why they were there, and if they were there, could they not cross them, to which Gimmla replied that those passages beyond to the south were not used, even in the Gimmla time. No one who ever went in that direction ever came back. The bridges, he said, had been there long before the Gimmla, the Troglodytes, and any of the other creatures down there.

The decision was made, however, to traverse the unknown evil over the realm of the immense, known evil. Gimmla merely shrugged and started off to show them the way.

They were close, when, passing through another of the abandoned Hovel-villages, the spotted a number of the smaller creatures flitting outside of sight. Just as the group moved in, bolts of green darkness shot out from between two of the huts. The trap had been sprung, and both sides were ready.

The fight was quick and brutal, with the Troglodytes putting up a spirited, though ultimatly futile resistance. Numer in particular destroyed most of the hovels nearby with massive amounts of fire-based spells.

After the fight, the Gimmla Alchemist led them to a damp, dark tunnel that wound off into the darkness.

“This is were I go no further,” the Alchemist said “I will meet you on the other side”


Tionas Tionas

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