Shadows and Dust

Returning to Hilea, each person had their own agendas to pursue that evening. Having slept little while underground, they were all a bit weary, yet each had tasks they needed to accomplish.

Arkh headed straight to Rose’s, where he asked Lesinia to keep her head down for a while. He gave her some gold and made his way out, heading to the Alabaster Bottle.

Bren, having heard that Felix was aiming to sell a sword, mentioned that he might have a buyer and they headed over to Taiesh’s The Elven Blade. Bren made comments about starting a little commerce with the Gimmla, including the Ironwood, to which Taiesh seemed very enthusiastic. Felix then came forward and talked to Taiesh about the sword. Taiesh agreed to find a buyer for the sword for 100g, a hefty sum in this city of the poor.

Bren and Felix then left, with Bren heading back to Rose’s. He went across the road to Kaydin’s blacksmith, and mentioned the Ironwood again. Kaydin showed some interest if he could get his hands on it.

Felix stayed at Rose’s with Leland and Izzy. Leland, who had not impressed Lesinia, now had a large flagon of Rockhammer Ale and was trying hard to seduce Rose, deep at work, while Izzy fumed.

Izzy had returned to the Rose’s after heading to the Temple of Water Everlasting. At the main library of the temple, she had found what was eluding her-more information on Gragganik and the Demon Frog. After learning their origins and agenda, she has steeled herself to do what must be done.

Leland, having also decided that the Church might be…willing to lend its financial backing to the endeavor, stumbled upon Izzy as she was leaving and he was entering. Leland followed along as she ranted about all the transgressions against Nera from both beings, and stomped back to the Rose’s to wait for the others.

After speaking with Lesinia, Arkh headed, trunk full of Troglodyte glands in tow, to the Alabaster Bottle. Dealdru was pleased with the take, asked him for more, and paid him handsomely. As Arkh turned to leave Bren showed up, and there was some talk about local times, and what was going on, and Bren was given three cherry-tomato sized red globules. Together they returned to Rose’s.

Once there, Izzy related the story of the Demon-spawn. Her resolve had been steeled, and she was determined to wipe out the Troglodytes. Bren sent a runner out for a Sewer Rat to speak with. While they waited, dinner was served and a passed out Leland did not get to feast.

The emissary, a thin man, tall and mustached, with beady eyes and a calm demeanor, arrived shortly after dinner. He carried a large sack. As they talked about what happened and what was going to happen he became slightly more pleasant, but never warm. He mentioned creating a forward base of operations for them in the sewers, that would be readily available for them if they needed it, and left the sack with them. It contained some choice prizes and a pouch of 700 gold, payment for a job well done.

Numer had gone home and started to document what was going on. He started with a map, and working then on notes of events past. As soon as he arrived there was a note, stamped in wax, with a marionette. Numer’s response was simple: “we need to meet.”

The returned answer, delivered by a Flesh puppet, was to meet then; now was as good of time as any. He followed the flesh puppet through the alleys and back ways, into Back Alley and eventually to the wooden castle. There he was let in and greeted by The Puppet Master, who spoke through his various puppets, each one in turn as it seemed to do something. They discussed the Troglodytes, their menace, and what was to be done. The Puppet Master handed Numer a map, granted him access to his vast library if needed, thanking him for his assistance, and asking to be called upon if he ever needed assistance of his own.

Returning to his house, Numer penned away his notes and map. He went to bed and returned to Rose’s in mid afternoon.


Tionas Tionas

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