Shadows and Dust

The Characters meet.

Arkh sits alone in a bar, the Drunken Kilter. The last few months have been boring. A nice change of pace. Today, however is different. Jamie, an old friend, shows up at the Drunken Kilter. Arkh and his friends had helped him out once or twice. Jamie asks a favor; his guild members have been disappearing in his underground tunnels. The pay will be fine, better, he says, if the cause of the disappearances is not only figured out but eliminated. Overhearing this, Leland Del Marvay, Halfling Captian of the Sea Gypsy, also offers his services, (after the brutish from of Arkh had left) for a bit of coin. Amused, Jamie takes him up on the offer.

Leland then went to find Arkh, and met him at a small tavern, The Silver Platter, staring at a noble’s house. Afterward they left for the Drunken Kilter together. Or, more correctly, at the same time.

Meanwhile, Numer, an Eladrin wizard surveying the destitution of all that he had set up in the heyday of Hilea, is called upon by a flesh puppet, this one an orb of flesh with one giant eye, 3 feet attached at the bottom of the orb, and a tiny slit for a mouth. It asked him to aid someone who may be able to help him at a later time. Doubtful, but (literally) with nothing to lose, he made his way, as requested, to see Jamie at the Drunken Kilter.

At the same time, Ihzendria, A priestess of Nera, goddess of water, was also placed on her spiritual fufillment quest. Tasked by a Deacon of the Church to set foot below the earth and figure out why some… mutual friends’ friends were disappearing, she also made her way to the [[Drunken Kilter.]]

Jamie met each in turn, gathering the group he had no idea who or what they were, merely that the word he had sent out produced results. He gave them the locations, and tasked his aid, Siam, to show them the places where the other Sewer Rats had disappeared.

After discovering a trap door leading underground, they steped beneath the earth, into dank, stench-filled tunnels. A party of pale blue Lizard-people attempted to ambush them from behind, coming through the sewers, but they were expected (the awful smell gave them away somewhat readily) and dealt with.


Tionas Tionas

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