Castell Siimiriil

Small time jewlery thief and fence


Castell was a small, young gnome that took serious responsibility for his tasks as they were assigned to him. Dark green eyes and gray hair, with a small grin and a streak of vengance one would never expect.


Castell was a low level Gemcutter, working for Rergarna , sponsored by her in his entrance to the guild. It was the conflict between the Bloodscales and his turf that exalted into the Assault on Bloodscale that lead, eventually to open warfare.

He was a small time burglar stealing from the rich, re-cutting the stones, and sending it back to sell to new nobles. He hired Bren, Arkh Chercher, Big Ricky, Nicholas, and others to protect his shop while he was closed.

A number of Bloodscales started some fights but were easily handled.

On the first night on the job, they met Jamie of the Sewer Rats.

Castell’s life was ended when he was lured into an alley off of the bazaar by Lesinia and slain. he was found with a 7 burned into his chest, the call sign of the Black 7 Assassins.

Castell Siimiriil

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