Brun Stonehall

Guildmaster of the Gem Cutters


Short, stocky and dour, Brun emanates a commanding presence. Superstitious and cautions, the former Nighmaster of the Gemcutters had taken even more to consulting oracles, casting bone, and reading stones and leaves. His pale skin betrays a life in the shadows and darkness of the night, his black beard and long hair pierced by striking green eyes.


After Regarna mysteriously disappeared in mid 649 AR, Brun has taken over the Gemcutters. Patient and superstitious, he has given the Gemcutters members reason to be wary of him quickly, as he brutally beat and maimed the first failure due to “old policies” that Regarna had in place. Now, his visions have shown him revitalization of the Gemcutters as a great, leading guild, up to their neck in riches. He now knows his path, and he is unwavering.

Brun Stonehall

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