Young Weapons Dealer


Taiesh Grew up in Back alley, running amuck with his good friends. some of them were orphans, and some of them were made orphans, and a very lucky few of them had parents. Taiesh was one of the lucky.

His Father, Dendron Ke’Admonral, a Former Kilbaran expatriat that made a living selling weapons, and his mother, Osimalliara Siinolaral, an elven seamstress, lived together on the edges of back alley. Osima, as she was called, would sometimes get commisions from Lower Noble Families, and [[The Elven Blade]] his father ran let them live well, but not overly well.

Taiesh became fast friends with Bren as they were growing up, and while bren showcased a knack for fistfights and the physical aspect of [[Back Alley]], Taiesh developed the more steathly aspects. When [[Bren]] got into scuffles, and the [[Bruisers]] would come after them, he would always flee (and generaly being faster, would get away), while Taiesh would slip away into the shadows.

After his father was slain in the the [[War of the Hordes]], his mother was destroyed in grief. while she always knew he would die, it was not within her grasp to comprehend his being killed. she withdrew farher and farther untill, when the call went out for all Eladrin to return home, she left in the middle of the night without a word.


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