Beggi Rockhammer

Cook at the Blade and Bottle Tavern


Beggi is a bright and vibrant dwarf, as much as any are. He likes his meat, he likes his mushrooms, and he loves to cook. A warm brown beard coats his chin and chest, and his brown hair is kept neat and trimmed. Can’t have hair in the soup, after all.


Beggi is a cheery fellow, always yelling back and forth with the customers from the kitchen, telling them to eat his food or shut up. He seems young and spry, but, it old enough to know better. He treats the regulars as he would his grown children.

Beggi’s family comes from a long line of brewers, and his family recently sent him the recipe for the famous Rockhammer Red. Shortly after the Recipe and a couple oak barrels and a still showed up, contact with his sister, who he kept regularly in touch with, ceased.

Beggi Rockhammer

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