Arkh Chercher

Burly, unsociable Half-Orc pugilist


Having spent many years in Hilea, Arkh is jaded, unfriendly and overly paranoid about his safety. Frequently torn between trying to keep his head down and make ends meet, he has taken to being quiet and goal-driven when it comes to odd jobs.

Living a routine lifestyle has nearly rendered Arkh unable to be surprised. His perceptions have become black and white, shaped by his experiences, and he thinks he has a clear idea of what bodes well, what bodes poorly, and what will only last a short while. Ideally he’d be able to drop off of the radar and live quietly and by himself with no one to bother or to bother him. When it comes to jobs he will tolerate people he dislikes (most people), at least until the job is finished.

Try as he might though he can’t go without making a few friends here and there. Most notable is Bren, a former fellow doorman at the Blade and Bottle (also known as Rose’s). After being drawn into the conflict between guilds Arkh and Bren have turned Rose’s into an impromptu base of operations, rather than their place of employment. Along the way Arkh accidentally “adopted” Lesinia, a human teenager who had been conned into leading a hit victim to his end. Between her frantic state of mind and his sympathy for her situation, Arkh took her in and hasn’t been able to find a place or a person to keep her.

In the name of employment Arkh will take reasonable risks but he is very level-headed when it comes to accessing a job opportunity. If something sounds unreasonably dangerous he will not concede unless the well-being of his very few friends is brought into question, at which point he shirks his own opinions until the ordeal is done. The greatest example of this to have happened was the “House” cleansing, in which fellow slum dog Nicholas brought Arkh and others along to attempt to purge an abandoned home of supernatural and inter-planar forces. Given their only partial success, Arkh associates the House with most things he finds unpleasant. Often he can be found contemplating it from afar.

In recent months Arkh has acquired a makeshift home with the help of Imar, per an agreement. While being indebted to anyone is an unpleasant proposition to him, Arkh appreciates an outside escape in light of Bren’s conversion of the Blade and Bottle to a guild hall.

Extremely recently, Arkh made contact with a symbiotic biomorph from a bleak future. Introducing itself as Havoc, it devoured and replaced Arkh’s right arm, showing him and those in close proximity visions of how Tysis would end if they were not to act. While reluctant to fall into this role, Arkh realizes that the consequences of inaction are more dire than he is able to pay.

Arkh Chercher

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