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    h1. Welcome to The Hilea Wiki! This is the main page, where you can begin your journey into the City of Guilds From here you can look at any of the Guilds: [[Bloodscales]]
    [[White Knives]]
    [[The Brotherhood of the Blade]]

  • Rose Mountianblade

    The widow Rose owns and operates the Blade and Bottle Inn and Tavern in the eastern section of Hilea, down the Way of Orphans, near the Church of Drakken. She is kindly and Knowledgabe, stern and tough, yet loves the regulars of her Inn. The first Inn …

  • Lesinia

    A Hilean waif girl taken off of the streets by Arkh after her unwitting inclusion the murder of [[:20841]], Lesinia currently resides and works at the Blade and Bottle as a server. Protected by Arkh out of sympathy for her situation, to most she appears …

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