Demon Frog

The Demon Frog is the bastard rape-child of the Water goddess Nera and the Stink Demon Gragganik.

The Child born of the coupling is the Demon Frog. Its birth almost killed Nera as it is covered in spines and claws. Immediately on birth, it fled, finding solace in the deep caverns underground, seas and oceans under the earth becoming its domain. There it spawned with everything around, producing all kinds of foul creatures that worship him like a god. It revels in its dank disgustingness, and loves is land underground. Having fled from both its mother and father, it has no name, and is known to its worshipers by the simple name, of the Demon Frog.

Worshipers: Generly Amphibian, Aquatic Creatures, though some more vile humaniods have also worshiped the being. while he grants no specific powers (it seems to be drawn directly from the abyssal realm), and does not recognize anything as Non-food, non-breeding stock, and sometimes even those two are combined. Troglodtes and other amphibian horrors are tolerated in his presance, as they generaly bring him piles and piles of food.

His worshipers main agendas are: Drown the world in a pool of slime or Water, and they seek the death of Nera, so as the Demon Frog can rule all the waters. they alos strive against Gestril. Generaly the Cult of the Demon Frog is not accepted within the pantheon of the Kalsitan world.

Demon Frog

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