The Gimmla are a small, subterranean race of people that inhabit the tunnels and warrens below Hilea.

The Gimmla are small in both stature and size, with grey skin, bandy legs and arms, and webbed, ribbed ears. their noses are often pointed, though some have large, bulbous noses as well. they live in small houses, when able to, but also have been known to eke out a living simply on rocks and moss alone.

The Gimmla have very little sense of self, using both “we” and “us” for almost everything when they speak. They understand the idea of names, and their name is Gimmla, for each and every member. They apply this to other races as well, and it will easily confuse them if you try and explain that each Human, Eladrin or Elf has their own name.

Their home is known as The Hollow and they have lived there for almost three years now. Originally they lived in the abandoned cavern complex around the great crevasse under Hilea. They lived off the detritus of the city above them and the wealth of their subterranean world. Now, the Troglodytes, once known only as bogeymen from farther beneath the world, have pushed them out of the Cavern system and inhabited it themselves. They have taken a number of Gimmla prisoner, and while the Troglodytes, believe they are captured, they suffer the captivity to give information to the Gimmla and warn them if things go wrong.

The Hollow is a large, open cavern with an underground spring flowing out of the North-western edge, creating a small pool of fresh water that constantly leaks out and wets the stone. This constant moisture has given rise to a full carpet of dark red, rust colored moss that coats almost the entire floor. out of this moss, feeding on it, grow giant mushrooms, some towering a full 40’ high, with caps stretching out over 25’ within, on, and around these towering mushrooms, the Gimmla make their houses, and live pretty peacefully. in the center of town is a 15’ across slave pen, where a number of slaves, between thirteen and sixteen, are generally kept at any time. Each Gimmla has their own slaves, who they believe live in fear of the Gimmla’s reprisals, but tend to live here because they have nothing better. The Gimmla have had a surprising number of runaways, but no one above seems to have heard about them.

The Hollow has five exits, only one of which connects to the Troglodytes lair, and that one is much too small to allow even a moderately sized Troglodytesin without Gimmla assistance. Of the other four, one leads up to the surface, but not directly. There are many twists, turns, and forks along the way. The other three exits lead deeper into the subterranean world, none of which are followed all that far, and one of them leads to the room where the prisoners are taken and traded for gold.

They have two things of interest that they trade with the Hileans above (through their slaves): the mithral ore mined down the 3rd passage by Dwarven slaves (they get to keep a share of mithral they mine up) and the Kimpar Wood they have used for decades for most things humans use steel for. Its a dark, unnoticeable vine that grows almost everywhere underground.


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