When the World was young, and the Godswar still a fresh memory, there existed few beings that could rival the gods in power. among them were the Celestial, Demonic, and Abyssal powers. Many of these powers had fought alongside their patrons and many had perished in the long eons of fighting. The Demon Queen, Consort and Sister to the God of Blood, survived by fleeing deep within the bowels of the infinite abyss. Many of her children, disgusting and bastardized, fled with her.

Gragganik was among the youngest, and when approached by the God of Filth to fight alongside him in the Godswar, he agreed swiftly. Gragganik became a champion of the young gods, slaying many of their elders, and gaining power swiftly. After the battle of Seven Suns, where he faced Nera directly in combat, only to survive by the timely arrival of Orcus, his brother and Kinnam, God of Mud, forcing Nera to Retreat. During the battle, Gragganik became smitten with Nera. He requested one thing of his patron, and that was that Nera would be spared, and become his prize once the war was over.

The war ended, and though he survived, he was not on the winning side. Chased out of the celestial realms and hiding with his mother within the deepest chambers of the abyss, he plotted how he would have Nera. It took years, but eventually, he hatched a plot, luring her to the material plane, and there he captured her. For 3 months Nera was forced to endure him. For three months he raped and had his way with her on the prime. Then, suddenly, he was summoned to a temple of Nera by a grand cleric who had divined what had happened. The cleric and Gragganik fought, and where that battle was stands a ruined temple in the midst of a foul smelling, rocky, devastated area.

Gragganik has not been seen on the mortal plane since. While he was in combat for his existence, Nera managed to escape his confines and birthed the child of her torment, the Demon Frog, shortly afterward. The creature escaped her reprisals and that of the other gods. Gragganik has waited since that day, hiding deep within the abyss that he was banished to, plotting for a way to destroy or enslave Nera again.


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