Hilea is the City of Guilds. it sits on the Northeastern edge of Tyndarian border, nearest to the lands of both Kilbar and Levisha. The once-prosperous city now lies in near destitution, its Noble Families squabbling over the ruins of its wealth. For a long time there was near lawlessness, and the city turned into a wasteland of fear. No one was there to step forward and keep the peace.

However, 3 years ago, someone, many someones, did.

The first guild to start cracking down on “unwarranted crime, and unnecessary violence” within their territories were the White Knives. Always ones to stand up for the little man, and the great defenders of Hilea in Moduru’s Second War, they quickly created a place of peace and quiet within the hell that was Hilea. The other guilds quickly followed suit, and by Summer, Hilea was no longer a den of unruly villains and lawless bandits. It was now the land of controlling guilds, with a stranglehold on the population. They now lived in fear not of what their neighbor would or could do, but what their landlord might do.

For years they fought a silent war in the streets. Riots, assassinations, murders and vandalism were rampant. The Town Watch, once a respected force of law, now became local mercenaries in a war enclosed by walls. At first each guild was on its own, fighting for survival. Many died in that time. originally, there were over 20 guilds in the city, each claiming a part of the whole. However it was quickly whittled down to a core group of guilds, leaving roving gangs in Back Alley where no one dared tread.

The war solidified last year into two sides, with the Bloodscales championing one side and the Gemcutters championing the other. Culminating in the Battle of Back Alley late in the year, the guilds have stepped back to lick their wounds, preparing for the next confrontation.

During the lull, Caravans from Kilbar have started to show up outside the city. these caravans, originally welcomed by the local populace, quickly became a source of ire. The refugees came with no money, no property, and sometimes no skills at all.

Lord Terril Dustmaker, as his last decree, closed the city’s gates to all those people of Kilbaran descent, and not owning a writ of law within the city limits he then passed away two weeks later. His young daughter, now with a regent ruling the city, has yet to make any decrees. Silence from the Nobles has bothered some of the guilds. With the peace of blood, paid by both sides, a dead monarch, and refugee’s knocking at the door, Hilea stood at the brink of destruction.

As always, nothing stood still. Activities within the guilds grew once more, the short term memory of thieves and their guilds reacting as best they new, pouncing on new opportunities. The first opportunity came quickly:

Hilean Timeline
|404 AR| House Hammerfall, Noble house of Tyrindall, send Baron Kinas Redlion to the small town of Hilea as Magistrate|
|447 AR| Trade Caravan’s passing through small town of Hilea promote swift growth. Baron Gonann Redlion’s land converted to a County |
|501 AR| Walls are finished around the city of Hilea proper. Count Arnod Stronghand elevated to Duke|
|515 AR| Levisha, Kilbar, Jeslith, and Tyrindall set up Trading houses within Hilea. City’s population explodes|
|560 AR| In an unexpected coup, Count Fioral Dustmaker Deposes and slays the corrupt Duke Verod Stronghand. Fioral officialy swears fealty to House Hammerfall that winter. |
|598 AR| Tetravin’s First assault on Tyrindall, starting a near 40 year string of conflicts. Duke Kidrin Dusthammer proves himself an excellent field commander. King Tor Banefiend grants him title of Lord.|
|633 AR| The hordes of Moduru’s minions sweep the land, Hilea is first besieged by Kuthru, then by Guthag. Neither army breaks the city’s walls. Dustmakers are given hereditary lordship over Hilea and the surrounding Dutchy|
|winter 642 AR| Modurus’s second war Breaks out around the continent. Hilea is taken by his armies. Many of the nobles are either slain, flee, or collaborate.|
|Summer 643 AR| Kilbar falls. |
|Winter 643 AR| Moduru’s second War ends. Armies crumble, the pillars turn to dust. Levisha calls back all of its citizens, and closes borders. |
|Winter 649 AR| Battle of Back Ally|


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