The Great Crevasse

The Great Crevasse is the largest known geological formation of its type. It was formerly inhabited by some now long-lost civilization, in the days before knowledge. They seem to have dug the caverns and tunnels roughly from the stone, with either some unrefined manner or hand tool or with teeth or claws.

The Great Crevasse is now home to a band of Troglodytes that also haunt the streets below the city of Hilea. They recently began abducting people from the sewers, attracting the notice of both the Sewer Rats and the Puppet Master for their deeds. Before that the Gimmla held sway over a small area, but have been forcibly relocated by the Troglodytes.

The Crevasse is about 700’ across, and unfathomably deep. Wafts of burning hot air will sometimes erupt from below, and the tunnel system seems to continue down infinitely on both sides. However the bridges are a new adaptation by the Troglodytes, inferring that the creatures living before had some other way across.

The area around the Crevasse is mostly a dark, speckled granite-like stone. blackish-gray, with deep blue flecks, it looks almost uniform, but has a unique reflective quality.

The Great Crevasse

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