From The Underground Menace penned by Zorius Ableblade

“The Troglodytes are a race of bi-pedal, tool-using Lizardfolk. Related to that race of creature only in phenotype, they are typically much more aggressive than the standard surface Lizardfolk. Their main species difference is that of communication. Troglodytes have no working vocal cords, and an organ much like an ear that detects not only vibrations, which is useful for cave-ins and large monster hunting, but also interprets the pheromones that are constantly secreted by the leaders and each other. These pheromones are so strong from these creatures that their communications is transmitted to most humanoids as a horrid stench.

Troglodytes (or Trogs, as some people call them) are bipedal subterranean lizard-folk, distantly related to lizard-men. they are stocky, and primitive, tending to wear little or no clothing, and carrying the most primitive weaponry. they are generally pale blue in color, nearing albino. Their eyes are nearly always reddish or golden, with mixes of other colors as well. Their hands have two fingers and a thumb, and while a little clumsy, they have almost the same manual dexterity as Humans. Their faces are round with an almost beak-like mouth. It’s a solid wall of scale with no lips and no teeth, just jagged edges of scale.

Each Troglodyte is born with a certain position in mind, and combined with the musk of the Chieftain, grows until the desired size, intelligence and position. The most common are the Runners. Small, quick and agile, they are mostly adolescents, though some maintain at this phase all their life.

The next most common, and the workhorse of the Troglodyte society, is the warrior. burly, large, and able to use a number of weapons, they are the general populace of any Troglodyte settlement

Next to them are the Crafters. Less bulky and less aggressive, but generally smarter, they build the houses, feed the Females, create the weapons, and generally make sure the Runners, Warriors, Brutes and Chieftain live well.

The Brutes are few in number, but a force to be reckoned with. Fed prodigious amounts of food, allowed and encouraged to grow, the Brutes are resilient beyond most people’s normal ken, and able to withstand punishment like none other. Dumb as a brick and loyal to death, they are the perfect guards.

The females are not even particularly sentient, and look like giant lizards. they have enough primitive senses to be able to know to protect their eggs, and know by smell when an enemy or friend is near.

The Chieftain is a singular, and not even always present, creature of insane strength and a paragon of Troglodyte society. Able to send and receive scented commands, his will alone rules that of the Troglodyte society. His coloration is generally different, and depends on what type of food he was provided. There have been tales of red, bright blue, green and even death black Troglodyte Chieftans.

Troglodytes in Hilea

The Trogs under Hilea have only recently shown themselves, having invaded and displaced the Gimmla from an ancient cavern-system near a giant crevasse underground. They have taken to stealing away people from the Sewer Rats and Back Alley’s sewer tunnels and using them for food. They suffer the Gimmla only because they are the source of the Kimpar Wood that they now use almost exclusively for all tasks of both metal and wood.


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